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I turned US$70,000 to US$400,000 over a 10 month period. Trading allows me to stay at home to spend more time raising our 20-month old daughter I no longer spend my time commuting 45 - 60 mins to work one way.
Lin Zheng Yu
Mirriam has given me an opportunity to have another income stream, she has given me a travelling ATM whenever I need money. Now I can travel the world as well as trade, and I can also do other passions in my life.
Lucy Nancy Lim

You Can Now Arm Yourself With USA Millionaire Trader's Battle-Tested Proven Blueprint BEFORE You Even Start Trading...

A Profitable Low-cost And Yet Safe Method Used Exclusively by Many Shrewd and ​Successful Investors To Build Their Wealth In The Stock Market...

"Using Mirriam's strategies, we were able to move to a beautiful downtown loft with ocean views and almost 3 times the amount of space. Also I purchase with cash my 1st car!"
Sunny Burgher
Graphic Designer

World's Leading Trading Coach & Trainer Reveals Her Simple Formula To Turn US$10,000 To US$2 Million Profits In 2 Years...

Mirriam MacWilliams, aka America's Millionaire Trader, turned US$10k to US$2 million profits in 2 years. She is recognized as the "World's Leading Trading Coach & Trainer", conferred by the prestigious Brand Laureate Awards.

She has coached over 8,000 members in Asia and USA on how to generate profits in the stock market, regardless if prices are moving up or down and spending just 30 minutes a day.

Mirriam’s keys to her success?

feasible trading plan and sound money management.

And knowing the right time to buy and the right time to exit.

Mirriam's Biggest Trading Secret?

The bulk of Mirriam’s wealth does not come from trading shares. She uses an inexpensive and yet powerful instrument adopted by many shrewd investors. Any newbie with the right knowledge can really harness its power to create consistent income.

3-Hour Content Rich FREE Training... Perfect For Newbies!
(Valued At US$97)

Seminar Agenda - What You Will Learn:

Who Should Attend


Afraid of venturing into the stock market because people say it is risky.

Too busy or tired to read up all the complex stuff on stock investments


Tired of picking the wrong stocks.

Buy and sell at the wrong time.

Losing money on hot tips.

Confused by brokers’ picks


Spending too much time analysing technical data and charts.

Tired of tracking companies and industry news.

Often get stopped out before the stock has a chance to make its run.

Wealth Creation Gift 1:

A 55-page book on "Secrets To Trading Mastery” worth US$15.95. You learn what makes a consistent trading system and insider information your stock broker does not want you to know!

Wealth Creation Gift 2:

7-part online videos for newbies on "Smart Traders Secrets - Hints, Tips & Advice From A Millionaire Trader" worth US$30.00!

Mirram's TV Interviews in Asia

​More Money. More Time. More Freedom.

​Ordinary People With Extraordinary Success

“I do not have any trading experience in the stock market. By end Dec, my account was 108% gain. Now I am able to keep my full time job and have fun in the evening to make more money for my retirement fund.

– Boyd Sheum, Management

I did my first virtual trade last night… actually I haven’t even finished my course, but just follow Mirriam’s strategies. I already made 53% profit already from $1.30 to $2!… It REALLY WORKS!”

– Anna Au Yeung, Hongkong

“Within 2 weeks of going live I took 5 trades. 3 have been exited. 2 positive exits PCP & GOOG and, one negative LZ. Overall, I was up USD20,000+. Trading can produce incredible results over a short period of time. “

– Pedro Robert, Financial Planner

“Mirriam is such a passionate and dynamic teacher… learnt so much from her. I really appreciate her for sharing her wisdom. I just find her an inspiration and a mentor for me. I’m very very grateful to be here!

– Joanne Chao, Psychologist

“I’ve actually never heard of this type of stock trading before but coming here, Mirriam just make it fun and easy and I’m so excited!”

– Lisa Bengston, Video Production Agency

“I made $1,043.30 profit in just 14 days of being in the trade. This is 13% returns! I now have a second source of income and I can build my retirement fund with confidence.”

– Mas Dati, Self-Employed

“Using 2 of Mirriam MacWilliams’s strategies, we were able to move to a beautiful downtown loft with ocean views and almost 3 times the amount of space. “

– Sunny Burgher, Graphic Designer

“One of my favourite investment strategies – the retirement strategy – that one I got a 100% return on the investment I made. And the last 3 months have been particularly happy… My total trading account I’ve generated 15% – 20% profits per month.

– DJ Peck, School Teacher

​You Need To Make A Decision... Right Now!

Ultimately you have to make a decision:

If learning how to make a passive income, even when you are asleep, is your financial goal…. then you owe it to yourself to claim your seat to this content-rich educational seminar worth US$97!

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