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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”20″ font_font=”Lato” font_color=”%23fffffff” line_height=”26″]Here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials we received from our students like you… Our students will tell you that Mirriam holds nothing back in sharing with you the secrets to her success… [/text_block]

Ermia Quitalig

Single Mum Of Five Doubled Her Trading Capital!!

“After just two months, I almost double my capital to $9,700+. I’ve earned back my tuition fees and other related expenses and I am able to spend more quality time with my children during the day.

Really grateful to Mirriam and Aaron for sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise with people like me so that we don’t have to learn the hard and painful way. More power and blessings to everyone in Wealth Mentors!”

Ermia Quitalig, Managing Consultant

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This Graphic Designer Got A Bigger House And A New Car!

By April of 2009 (using 2 of Mirriam MacWilliams’s strategies) we were able to move to a beautiful downtown loft with ocean views and almost 3 times the amount of space. 

And that’s not all.

I was able to purchase my long time dream, a convertible, with cash from only 2 trades using Mirriam’s short term strategy.

My 1st convertible!

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from this wonderful education is that you can achieve whatever you want if you have the proper tools and the right mind set.”

  – Sunny Burgher, Graphic Designer[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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Profits From Trading Is Like A Travelling ATM For This Retiree… She Now Travels The World And Trades At The Same Time!

I’ve made $7,000 to $11,500 ie. 57% increase in my account. 

My recipe for success is never be in a hurry to make the big money, always have trading discipline, follow Miriam’s rules, always have a profit target and a stop loss.

Miriam has given me an opportunity to have another income stream, imparted life-long knowledge and a travelling ATM whenever I need money. Now I can travel the world as well as trade, and do other passions in my life during the day. 

Thank you Mirriam and Wealth Mentors for sharing your winning strategies!”

– Lucy Nancy Lim, Retired[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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Mazlan Gapar

IT Professional Grew US$5,000 to US$7,002… 40% Profits!

“I grew US$5,000 to US$7,002… 40% profits. The training with Wealth Mentors was all worth it!

What made Mirriam’s investment program so special is that she teaches us the good money management skills on how to preserve our capital.

The most important principle that I captured is she emphasized to enter a stop loss for every trade and trade virtually after losing a trade for two consecutive wins before starting to trade live.

Thanks Mirriam and Aaron for giving me an alternative to make an additional income.”

Mazlan Gapar, IT Professional

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Boyd’s Account Was Up 108%… Now He Is Having Fun In The Evenings To Make Money For His Retirement Fund!

“I don’t have any trading experience so initially I had made mistakes that cause things to go against me. With the help of the team leaders and persistence, I manage to gain much confidence after 4 months of trading virtually.

I started with S$5K (USD3,673.50) and traded “LIVE”, I had some trades go in my favor but some don’t, resulting loss of USD292.17 (7.95% loss) by end Aug. The fact is this loss actually makes me understand how to better manage my trade.

By end Sept my account was positive by USD773.11 (21% profit).

By end Dec, my account was 108% gain with just an average of 2~3 contracts per trade.

This may not sound to be too great with many people but I think is quite a good achievement for newbies like me.

There were four things that I had learnt through those trades which I had done and would like to share with newbie like me:
1) Follow the rules 
2) Trust the indicators (charting)
3) Have faith 
4) Discipline on Money Management

Now I am able to keep my full time job and have fun in the evening to make more money for my retirement fund.”

  – Boyd Sheum, Management[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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Thomas turned US$5000 to US$11,000 in 7 weeks!!

“I am a business owner. I joined Wealth Mentors because the training is so easy. I never traded stocks before and I am glad with the results. I have turned US$5000 to US$11,000 in 7 weeks…

– Thomas Pendi, Business Owner


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This Engineer Benefits Tremendously From Our Support!

“I used to listen to the vines (also known as friends, colleagues and relatives) for “insider” stock tips. Without doing any homework, I would jump in eagerly.

After attending Mirriam’s course, I realized that I could make money without losing sleep. I learned to calculate my risk and enter only when I am comfortable. This protected my capital so that I can always come back another day. As the Chinese saying goes, “留得青山在,不怕沒柴燒” (loosely translated to mean save the mountain so that there is no fear of having no wood to burn).

Now, my children enjoy the full attention of their daddy at the zoo and at home. I have acquired financial knowledge and gained more precious family time ever since.

I have started with paper trading and has recently gone live for about 2 months with a very small capital. The capital has since gained 10%. I am looking forward to gaining my total financial freedom soon. I attend the support sessions regularly and picked up even more knowledge (new strategies, trading tips, judgement calls, etc). So in a way, the learning never stops unless I choose to stop.

Mirriam, Aaron and his team of dedicated trainers and mentors are always ready to help, even going one-on-one if needed so that all their students can be successful, believing that there are abundant wealth for all around.

  – Lim Kong Hiong, Engineer[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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Dr. Marah said Mirriam made a phenomenal effect to her success!

Mirriam is like an angel… I don’t know a better way of putting it! Her heart is so big… I’m deeply grateful to her for being so truly committed to our success!

– Dr Marah Cannon, Chiropractor[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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Joe Mason

This Teacher Lost Money Because He Did Not Follow Rules… Now He Is Seeing Fantastic Growth In His Account!

I started with about $10,000 and quickly turned that into 19,000! Amazing results for first six months, but I got so confident that I began making large trades and not follow the rules. I soon saw the results of not following the strategies! I lost quite a bit in a very short time.

I recommitted and now trading for years, have seen fantastic growth in my account! I really enjoy the process and I hope within the next two years to quit my day job and live off my trading!”

Joe Mason, Teacher

“I locked in a profit of USD 1,100.00 in one day during the training! Thank you Mirriam – the TRUE GURU of Financial Freedom!”

Shamsheer Ahmed

“I just exited MRO today having made $3,300. I would have made twice as much money but unfortunately, it went parabolic first thing this morning and took a nose dive. Thank you for your teachings”

Jean Hand

“I made US$7,204 profits from 9 out of 11 trades… 81% accuracy!”

Eddy Tam

“SCHN for Earnings – Total premium of $2.25. The stock price was $52.09. I sold $6.35 on 9 July (stock price $61.05), a 195% return.”

T. Harrison
California, USA

For the month of May, I made about US$4,200 profit from 11 trades. I attended the seminar in Jan and went live end of April and within a month of live trading, I’ve paid off my tuition fee and still have some profit left. I am very thankful and glad to have done the course with Smart Traders. The methods taught by Mirriam are conservative but they can give you success 70% of the time. Trading has really given me new opportunities to creating wealth for my future as I’ve seen it happen before my eyes.

Joanne Yeo

“Glad to report 2 good trades today. Yesterday I bought YHOO as a gap play & held overnight as I had a small profit. I sold today up 55%. Yesterday I also bought LEH late in the day after the rally was confirmed. I sold it today up 60%. It was nice to see today’s trades go well. Lose a little, make a lot.Works for me!”

Cynthia B.
Atlanta, USA

“I would like to share my successful trades after attended Smart Trader Seminar 2 days ago. Earning Strategy – I entered YHOO on with premium of $2.80 & the very next day the stock plunged 12% & exited $4.30 & profited 53%!!! Short term Strategy – BZH for $2.00 premium & sold it the same day at $3.00. Nice return of 50%!!”

Lam Keng Soon

“I just make 131% profit from SCHN by using the earning strategy. Good profit for beginner like me!Thanks for your passion and experience for sharing to us, and also thanks for the enthusiasm of your team!”

Florence Wong
Hong Kong

It felt good making money with little effort! 4 contracts with fees of $4 for each contract. In short bought at $2.40 exited at $4.25. and Profit 75%!

Vinoo John

“I took a position on 17 Oct in 3M for Nov 70 Call at $3.10. The script touched $6.00 yesterday and I sold it and made whopping profit of 94% in mere 4 days! This is real cash. It’s amazing!

Hong Kong

Would like to share my 2 winning trades with the OEX index strategy. 22 Feb from $2.80 to $4.30 or 54% profit in 1 hour! Then , 23 Feb from $1.00 to $1.80 or 80% profit in 45min! Nice profit & very happy about it 🙂

Liew Mei Lan

“BHI with the earnings strategy: 35 % in two trading days! Once again, thanks again to Miriam for teaching us these fabulous strategies

Dr Harjit

Hoong Peck Yao

Yoga Instructor Had 50% Return In Her First 2 Trades!

“I opened an account with US$20,000. My first two IAE trades were Apple and Amazon and I had 50% return.

I was so happy that I topped up my trading capital to US$75,000 because I belive that I will be Singapore’s Mirriam MacWilliams.

Although I am not there yet, I believe I will be a Millionaire Trader too.”

Hoong Peck Yao, Yoga Instructor

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This Teacher made 100% Return On Investment With Mirriam’s Retirement Portfolio Method!

“One of my favourite investment strategies – the retirement strategy – that one I got a 100% return on the investment I made. And the last 3 months have been particularly happy and thankful for Wealth Mentors and the training that I had. My total trading account I’ve generated 15% – 20% profits per month.

One trade that I made last month, it generated a 100% profit. And the other trade made just last week I made a 60% return!

Wow… I just can’t explain everything that is doing to me. It’s real and if I can do it, you can do it too.”

  – DJ Peck, Teacher [/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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This Financial Planner Made US$22,000!

Within 2 weeks of going live I took 5 trades. 3 have been exited. 2 positive exits PCP & GOOG and, one negative LZ. Overall, I was up USD20,000+. Trading can produce incredible results over a short period of time. “

Pedro Robert, Financial Planner


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This Newbie Made 53% Profit From Her First Virtual Trade Whilst In Class!

“I did my first virtual trade last night… actually I haven’t even finished my course, but just follow Mirriam’s strategies for broader market and I did the trade… and I already made 53% profit already from $1.30 to $2!… I am so excited… it REALLY WORKS!”

  – Anna Au Yeung, Hong Kong[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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Experienced Trader Learned New Tricks From Mirriam!

“This class has absolutely been fantastic!

Mirriam is very good at explaining things and she is very willing to go over things again when people have questions. I’ve learned so much from this class.

I’ve learned a lot about things I thought I knew and now find out that I know them better… This has been a great opportunity for me!

  – Tim Harrison, Los Angeles[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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Jacky Chou

Ex-Day Trader Now Has More Time For His Wife … Just By Following Mirriam’s Methods!

“I came from Jiangme city, China. It’s near Hong Kong.

I used to live by day trading at Toronto. And continue day trading when I came back to China. I have to make trading at mid-night. I felt I can’t do it anymore when I get older. It’s really affecting my health. But I love to trade so I’m looking for some strategy to trade at day or night not mid-night.

I gladly found Mirriam’s strategy is good for me. It’s easy to follow and fill comfortable during trading. And I don’t need to trade at mid-night.

My wife is so happy I can have more time with her.”

Jacky Chou, Trader

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Leonard Said That The Training Was Comprehensive And Yet Simple!

“I feel very confident of being able to make money from the financial market now trading options. The training was comprehensive, answered all my questions and it’s also very simple and dynamic!”

  – Leonard Golson, Florida[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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Sherry Is Impressed With Mirriam’s Integrity And Commitment To Create True Wealth!

“Mirriam & Aaron’s commitment to their students is exceptional. Mirriam’s strategies are a great gift to all of usfull of integrity and her commitment to create true wealth.

  – Sherry Cox, Canada[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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Melinda Ong

Senior Manager Appreciated The Help And Encouragement Offered By The Team At Wealth Mentors!

“For the past two years I have been looking into areas of generating additional income for my family. However, I do not know how and what to venture into.

The Team at Wealth Mentor has been a tremendous help and encouragement.

They do not abandon you and contrary provided support in many ways. They are always updating us and provided the latest strategy that fits the current market scenario.”

Melinda Ong, Senior Manager

“I had entered NVDA Put trade and made a handsome profit of 83% or profit of US$3,000.”

Dr Radha Krishna

“I just exited MER using Investing strategy for a 37.8% gain, hands-off for 37 daysLittle effort for busy people…. Love to do more hands-off! Thanks Mirriam for your tips!”

Aaron Sim

“I am so excited to share with all of you that I made 100% gain in one day! Got back my tuition fee already.

Terence Law

Your newsletter has been like a “bible” to me! There’s something new to learn and the analysis and explanation have helped me tremendously in any potential trades I contemplate to enter.

Hui Lai

Glad to report 2 good trades today. Yesterday I bought YHOO as a gap play & held overnight as I had a small profit. I sold today up 55%. Yesterday I also bought LEH late in the day after the rally was confirmed. I sold it today up 60%. It was nice to see today’s trades go well. Lose a little, make a lot.Works for me!

Cynthia B.
Atlanta USA

I entered APOL on 27th Feb March 50 option price at $2.20 and the next day exited for the price of 43.30, a gain of 50%!!!  Thanks Mirriam for your sharing on this strategy!

Lucy Khor

A big thank you to you Mirriam for your great strategies. They really work. I just let go one of my trades on TOL AUG 55 Put. It gained 124% in a week!

Teo Sok Yong

Bought PTEN Put $2.95 and today once market opened, the stock dropped from yesterday’s $32.78 to $29.13. The option is now worth $6.30, a whopping 113% GAIN in a day!

Marvin Lai
Hong Kong

BIDU on earnings strategy-  returns close to 50% but certainly good on just an overnight trade!

Tansy Fong

Entered RMD on Apr 23 for 3.65. Sold on Apr 24 for 7.90. Increase of 4.25. This is a 116% increase.A lot of numbers but the bottom line is “YEA!!

H Lucas
Utah USA

Just posted over 140% return on VSEA using what I learned on the Investing Strategy. This was a real trade, not paper trading. I purchased call options before it gapped up.

W Kwong
California USA

… trade on 12 June with MS at $87.97, buying the stock for $5.10.  I sold my stock on 15 June for $6.20 for a 22% gain!  Thanks for the opportunity to trade this exciting strategy!!

J Cole
Washington USA

Sharifah Binte Salleh

Sharifah Now Trades Like A Pro!

“We developed curiosity about US market as we realized that it has humongous number of counters and it also offered huge profit gap.

Both Miriam and Aaron had given us a whole new PERSPECTIVE of what stock market is all about and how to make the most out of it. It wasn’t just about buying low, selling high, getting profits only when the share prices go up, there’s really a lot more to it!

From being small time investors, we have been transformed to being big time traders.

 It feels really good to know the right way to trading shares, short-listing good candidates, knowing the right time to buy, what direction to take and which strategy to apply. Not a single day passed without us having our trading plans ready in our hands.

Our sincere gratitude to Wealth-Mentors as we can now be professional traders ourselves ! “

Sharifah Binte Salleh, Self-Employed

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Lisa, A Beginner, Was Satisfied With The Training As Mirriam Made It Fun And Easy!

“I’ve actually never heard of this type of stock trading before but coming here, Mirriam just make it fun and easy and I’m so excited!”

  – Lisa Bengston, Video Production Agency[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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This Psychologist Finds Mirriam An Inspiration!

“Mirriam is such a passionate and dynamic teacher… learnt so much from her. I really appreciate her for sharing her wisdom. I just find her an inspiration and a mentor for me. I’m very very grateful to be here!”

  – Joanne Chao, Psychologist[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]

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Loo Kah Boon

Engineer ‘s Girlfriend Was Skeptical But Now Supports His Passion In Trading!

“Attending Mirriam class have really opened me up to another path of success in life other than I just depend on my 9 to 5 job.

My wife-to-be girlfriend used to think that all trader are gamblers, they will end up bankrupt.

I have showed her that it is possible to trade with controlled risk.With proper training, guidelines, strategies and good money management, trading is like a planned business.

She has been very supportive after then.

Last but not least, a millions thanks to Mirriam and those that helping me along my path to the trading. My journey is about to change and it will be a great day ahead of me!”

Loo Kah Boon, Engineer

Karen Tan

Business Owner Was Disappointed With The Other Seminars… But Was Pleasantly Surprised By Wealth Mentors’ Sincerity!

“Thank you for sharing and teaching all Wealth Mentors members so wholeheartedly and with sincere concern for your members.

I have attended numerous seminars and spent too much money. In most cases, I felt really disappointed as I didn’t have the support, or made to buy more tools to enhance my skills.

After attending Wealth Mentors’ initial seminar, I was skeptical and concerned if I would be ‘wasting’ my time and money again.

However, I was pleasantly surprised that during the seminar, your team took the time to explain, set up computers and talk to participants, especially useful for older members who is not used to computers, and for newbies not used to trading.”

Karen Tan, Business Owner


No need to rely on charts and reading analysts’ reports etc. Phew! Less homework! – Tan Siew Ching, Singapore

“Our great appreciation of your excellent after-sales support. I am very happy that I chose to learn options trading with Wealth Mentors. My best investment so far! – Janice Tan, Singapore

“Mirriam and Aaron’s commitment to their students is exceptional – from a long life of learning, I can truly say they are tops. Every aspect of a student’s experience is carefully prepared and the support is phenomenal. I have a strong sense of belonging to a caring community, where my success matters to everyone involved in Wealth Mentors. And finally, Mirriam’s strategies are a great gift to all of us, full of integrity and her commitment to create true wealth. Sherry Cox, Vancouver, British Columbia

“Fantastic, I learnt so many strategies on how to make money easily from US Stock Market which I’ve never found in books & other seminars!  Herfin Prakoso, Indonesia

“This is the best training I have attended during my 15 years’ experience as Private Banker in different banks such as Merrill Lynch, HSBC and Amex. The method is simple and easy to understand. Mirriam is very helpful and sincere in teaching us how to make money through options trading.” – Ingrid Wijaya, Singapore

“I used to trade in US stocks, and sometimes, with opening position of US$150k. Not knowing what or how to mitigate the risks/ exposure. Smart Traders allow me to protect my capital, diligent in choosing the right stocks to trade, more importantly when to sell with a profit. After all that’s what trading is about – make money.” – Tan Jit Pheng, Malaysia

“This is the best training in investment I have ever attended. Mirriam’s Teaching and system is marvelous and beyond my wildest dream and expectation. I have other training and seminars before. But this is the best. Thank you so much Mirriam for sharing. May god bless you with happiness, wealth, love and abundance.” – D. Yeung, Hong Kong

“I feel grateful to Marriam, Aaron, and God, that I have the opportunity to attend Smart Traders Mentorship. It is the best training I ever had because of its completeness and depth, yet its well summarized. Incredible, Terrific. May God Bless all of you in the Wealth Mentors. “ – Saleh Gunawan, Indonesia

“I have traded for several years and have done well but Mirriam’s strategies are simple and yet effective and most importantly consistent! I can now have more free time to manage other important things.” – Candice Chao, Hong Kong

“I am new to all these but your presentation and teaching is crystal clear and easily understoodas well as remembered. Thank you.” – Phang Wee Keong, Malaysia

“The training was very clear and concise for a very difficult subject topic, I have learnt the principles to options trading and will apply them to make and generate money in the very near future. Mirriam is a very positive person and lights up the room!” – L. Billington, Hong Kong

“The best money-making training Ive seen… I learn to trade from real successful trader who teach in very easy step-by-step instruction and rules are easy to apply, no hype and gimmick. After this training I am confident and feel that I can do trading and approach the market with a whole new perspective…” – Hendarin Riandi, Indonesia

“Thank you very much for sharing your passion, skills and experience. The training is excellent to improve me mentally, spiritually and technically. I highly recommend it to my friends.” – Ben Lam, Hong Kong

“This is an excellent 4-day training for me! With zero knowledge of options at the beginning of the training and now, I can understand how the stock market works and most importantly how to trade stocks profitably. My sincere applause to Mirriam & her team!” – Ruddy Kristianus, Indonesia

“In other seminars, everyone talks about Bull/ Bear Call/ Put spread. Big words that confuse you. I am very happy that these big words weren’t thrown around in this program. Thank you so much for keeping it simple and teaching it well. Bless You!!!” – Nargis Wahab, Malaysia