Smart Traders Team Leader Application

Learn as you share!

Wealth Mentors believe that coaching others is a way to hone our trading skills and an added motivation to keep our knowledge current.

Hence, we are providing an avenue for active Smart Traders to come on board to join our star family of team leaders.

As you may already know, there is a selection process involved and while there are many people who show interest, not all get invited to be a team leader.

The Wealth Mentors Smart Traders Team Leader’s Program is specifically designed:

  • To provide members of the ST Community with on-going and continuous education and support.
  • To give active members every opportunity to fine tune their trading skills.
  • To encourage and motivate active members to learn as they share!
  • Must be a graduate of the Smart Traders Program.
  • Must be an active trader with a proven track record of at least a six months period.
  • Must be able to be commited to attend the Smart Traders Coach orientation training.
  • Must be self-motivated in generating discussion and active participation in the continuing education avenues provided by Wealth Mentors- Online ST community forum, Mirriam’s monthly webinar
  • Must be an active ST strictly practicing and well-versed with Mirriam’s trading methods
  • Projects Professionalism, Positive Mental Attitude and Caring Culture of the Wealth Mentors Family
  • Complimentary three (3) months membership worth USD150 for every attendance to 3-days STMP as a Team Leader
  • Exclusive group mentoring sessions with Chief Trainer, Mirriam MacWilliams.
  • Opportunity to refresh and learn new updates during training sessions

3-Days Smart Traders Mentorship Program:

  • Compulsory attendance at least two (2) Smart Traders Mentorship Program (STMP)every year
  • To coach and mentor participants during the 3-day STMP
  • To carry out assigned duties
  • To report participants feedback and offer solutions, when necessary

Post Training Group Support Sessions:

  • To assist the Session Coach at least once a month during the group support sessions.

Collecting data from customers for own use eg MLM, insurance, financial institutions products and services etc.

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