26 to 28 March 2021


  1. ENGAGEMENT “WEALTH MENTORS PTE LTD” and/or “WEALTH MENTORS SDN BHD” and/or “WEALTH MENTORS INC” and/of any of its associate or related companies (hereinafter, collectively referred to as Wealth Mentors Group for the products/and or services entered in the Enrolment Agreement.

  2. NON-DISCLOSURE Client hereby acknowledges that they will be trained in material considered “trade secrets” and confidential in nature. Client agrees to not disclose any techniques, comments or handouts about and from the event of any kind to others, via forums, message boards, private emails, blogs or any other venue. If the Client does disclose any information about the event then they admit to damages and breach of contract and will be subject to civil litigation and damages. Client also agrees to not create, nor partner nor associate with any person, any kind of derivative product related to the Smart Traders Training Program including but not limited to books, ebooks, publications, special reports, audio or video files, public postings of content, or any other derived materials. Audio or video, or any other type of recording of any portion of the seminar, is strictly prohibited.

  3. DISCLAIMER Smart Traders Virtual Bootcamp is for education purposes only and does not constitute any investment advice or an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any investment product(s) or amount to any regulated activities. Client is advised to seek independent advice before investing in any investment product(s) or adopting any investment strategies. 

    As all trading carries risks, Client agrees to test out the trading methods learned from the seminar using paper trading and becomes comfortable with the new methods before committing real capital. Client agrees and understands that the Provider will not be responsible for any financial losses Client may experience arising from the use of these methods. 

  4. PHOTO/VIDEO CONSENT & RELEASE Client agrees that the Provider may use the Client’s name, voice, photograph and/or likeness in photographs and/or audio or video recordings of the seminar in which the Client participates and agrees that the Provider shall be the sole owner of all rights, titles and interests in and to such photographs and recordings (including, without limitation, all worldwide copyrights thereto), for all purposes, free from any claim whatsoever by the Client or any person deriving any rights or interests from the Client and the Provider is entitled to use for testimonial purposes of statements made by the Client during events or in any customer survey or correspondences subsequent to the event.