"Having more money does not give you an advantage on the Marketplace.

Having more money puts you at a disadvantage,
because you have more to lose."

Mirriam MacWilliams – Chief Trainer / Wealth Mentors

In this training we start with the very basic. It will change the way you think about trading options and help you to be better informed about the world of trading in the US stock market. Here's your first training 'When to start investing'.  Mirriam MacWilliams, Chief Trainer of Wealth Mentors shares with you tips on when to start investing


What are some of the questions and concerns that need to be addressed before anyone contemplates being able to invest live capital in the marketplace.
Once the questions and concerns have been addressed, here are some tips for the novice investor.
Three things to remember before you invest:
I have started with paper trading and has recently gone live for about 2 months with a very small capital. The capital has since gained 10%. I am looking forward to gaining my total financial freedom soon.
Lim Kong Hiong
It's really been a rewarding experience and made me more confident after only virtually trading (and experimenting the what-ifs) on and off for more than a year. I've earned back my tuition fees and other related expenses (since I travelled just for the trainings).
Ermia Quitalig
Managing Consultant

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